About us


Hello! My name is Carlo. I am the owner of the apartments. I will be at your complete disposal for any need during your stay. At the bottom of this page you will find all my references to contact me. I am waiting for you!


SMOKING  - Please do not smoke inside the apartment.

NOISES  - I ask you the courtesy not to use a high tone of voice or the high volume of the TV as a lot of elderly people live in this building. :-)

ELECTRICITY  - Remember not to use the washing machine, air conditioning and oven together !! If you do, it will blow the power and you may be left without it for a long time. So remember to always use these appliances alone

RUBBISH  - Please remember that garbage bags should not be thrown into the bins on the street !! And they shouldn't be left on the balcony either! If you fill the garbage bag, please call me so I can send the cleaning lady to retrieve it (she will take care of throwing it out). Otherwise, please leave them at home and at the end of your stay they will be taken away by the lady. So I repeat: do not throw the rubbish in the bins that are in the street as they are not public bins and do not leave rubbish on the balcony. Thanks for understanding.

Thank you so much for your understanding and have a nice stay! Carlo